Saturday, July 15, 2017

Xicala Mezcal Joven

Xicala Mezcal Joven...$35.99
“Xicala” is the Deity Who Roams Through the Land Singing of Love, Dreams, Yearning and Dancing.
Made from 100% Espadin Agave or maguey, then roasted over wood fire in an earthen pit for three to five days. The agave is then broken down under a horse drawn tehona wheel and then transferred to one of two small stainless steel stills to heat the roasted agave releasing the moisture and resulting mash to be fermented. The mash is then transferred to open top wooden vats where spontaneous fermentation begins. Fermentation can take up to several weeks. Unlike tequila, the agave fibers are left in the mash to be fermented and distilled for maximum flavor. Like tequila, mezcal is distilled twice. The first distillation is known as punta, and comes out at around 75 proof (37.5% alcohol by volume). The liquid must then be distilled a second time to raise the alcohol percentage which is done in a copper pot still, discarding the head and tails, leaving only the heart worthy for bottling Xicala Mezcal.

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