Friday, July 14, 2017

Four Roses Al Young's 50th Anniversary

Update: emails sent out this morning (sorry a day late)
Thank you!

Four Roses Al Young's 50th Anniversary...
 Includes some 23 year old in the blend!

It will be very limited!  Already have been getting a lot of emails and calls about this one.

We will release it through our Whiskey Reward Club
 Half of our allocation will based on your Four Roses purchases from Jan 1, 2017 until Wednesday July 12 at 7pm.
The other half we will do our weighted raffle based on the previous 6 months where each $300 purchased counts as a raffle ticket and we will draw names.
Report will be printed and emails will be sent out Thursday Morning July 13

Four Roses other products are on line now - click here

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Anonymous said...

Can you go back to December 1,2016 and reward the people that bought multiple bottles of the TWCP private selections? And reward the people that picked Four Roses Limited Edition Small Batch over other highly sought after bottles in the December lottery?