Friday, June 16, 2017

Four Roses Al Young's 50th Anniversary

Four Roses Al Young's 50th Anniversary...
(I believe suggested retail will be about $150, but not sure yet)
This is coming in about a month or so.  Includes some 23 year old in the blend!

It will be very limited!  Already have been getting a lot of emails and calls about this one.

We will release it through our Whiskey Reward Club
At least part of it will go to the top Four Roses supporters as our sales of Four Roses helps us get a bigger allocation too.  We will base it on Four Roses purchases starting with Jan 1, 2017 until just before we release the bourbon.  Will update this when we know that date.
I have no idea how much we are getting, but wanted to give you the info that we have.  My hunch is there will be very little to go around.

Four Roses other products are on line now - click here

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Anonymous said...

Can you go back to December 1,2016 and reward the people that bought multiple bottles of the TWCP private selections? And reward the people that picked Four Roses Limited Edition Small Batch over other highly sought after bottles in the December lottery?