Saturday, June 17, 2017

The Wild Beer Co.!

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These are beers that are not distributed, here, we special order them.  We have had a few of their beers before.  
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The Wild Beer Co. Schnoodlepip...$19.99 / 750ml
An incredibly unusual beer made in collaboration with three brewers
A collaboration of three brewers, three nationalities and six ideas brought together to learn, experiment and enjoy. Made by Kelly Ryan from Good George Beer in NZ, Brett Ellis (originally from the US) from the Wild Beer Co, and Mark Tranter from Burning Sky Brewery. This beer explores new ideas, techniques, ingredients, combinations and processes.
Using all three brewers combined knowledge and experiences to create an incredibly unusual and complex beer, this utilises every opportunity to take advantage of amazing ingredients and try alternative techniques.

The vanilla pods add something a little special to the character of the beer. Helping produce an elegant, creamy, soothing confection of aromas and flavours. It’s like a rich dessert in a glass.

The Wild Beer Co. Sleeping Lemons Export...$5.99 / 11.2oz

Inspired by a Moroccan preserved lemons
At first we launched Sleeping Lemons, 3.6% with a tart, zingy acidity and rounded salt character, it was the perfect sunshine beer. It was our firm favourite all through the summer, however it’s not summer anymore…
Sleeping Lemons Export comes in at 6% lending a bigger, maltier body to the beer. The fuller mouthfeel and warming alcohol bring decadent flavours of lemon meringue pie to the character of this beer and the acidity is more rounded and reminiscent of lemon curd.
Made with preserved lemons, this re-release of an old favourite, now available in our 330ml bottles for you selfish people out there who feel sharing is all too much...

The Wild Beer Co. Bliss...$6.99 / 11.2oz
"Secret Spices + Roasted Apricots + Wild Yeast"
6% ABV
Apricots and a hush-hush blend of spices.
We love a Belgian-style Saison but with this blissful version, we’ve added our own Wild interpretation with a dash of funky Brettanomyces yeast plus roasted apricots and a hush-hush blend of spices. This is the sort of beer where study and contemplation is essential, or if you’re hungry, why not try it with chicken jalfrezi or lamb tagine? Rich roasted stone fruit is added to the end of the boil, not the fermentation, giving a big round fruit character but not too much sweetness. This makes for an extraordinary beer with an array of aromas followed by a spicy, tart and peppery palate, creating a long lingering finish.

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