Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Tim Smith Climax Whiskey Wood Fired

Tim Smith Climax Whiskey Wood Fired...$26.99
This isn’t your ordinary American bourbon style whiskey its Tim Smith’s century-old moonshine recipe aged and filtered with toasted oak and maple wood imparting color and revolutionary flavors.  Premium southern Appalachian Oak-in tank inserts are made of white oak staves. Hand selected to be without defect from millions of board feet of wood.  Each white oak stave is carefully cured to within +/- 0.5% moisture content before undergoing our unique small batch open flame wood toasting and aging process throughout the entire thickness of the whole stave and is allowing for 100% of the oak to work on the maturation process.
The final process allows the whiskey to cool in Oak containers and the result is Tim Smith’s revolutionary Climax Whiskey – Made to be in a Class of its Own.


Nick Myers said...

Coming up from West plains this week, which store has this in stock?

Paul Hayden said...

Our Forsyth and Rock Hill location have it in stock now