Tuesday, November 15, 2016

O'Fallon Snow Pack

O'Fallon Snow Pack...$15.99 / 12 pack
Includes 3 bottles each of...
  • Ginger Jo Latte
  • Bottlehouse Brown
  • Zekes Pale Ale
  • Fitz's Hard Root Beer

Introducing Ginger Jo Latte. A brown ale made with Ronnoco's black ice coffee, our proprietary spice blend and milk sugar to give it that Latte characteristic. The malt blend will give you that bready sweetness of gingerbread. Bottle House Brown is a British Brown Ale with soft chocolate, caramel and toasted nut flavors with just enough earthy hops to offset the sweetness to the malt. Also included are Zeke's Pale Ale, a perfectly balanced pale ale using Galaxy hops. And Fitz's Hard Root Beer, an Ale using the flavors that you all know and love in our favorite local Root Beer.

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