Saturday, October 15, 2016

Drunken Sailor

Drunken Sailor Spiced Rum...$19.99
Drunken Sailor is a handcrafted recipe of blended and aged Caribbean rums made from local sugar cane and distilled from molasses. We then mix in our special brew of all natural ingredients like Tahitian Vanilla, cinnamon and secret spices. 92 proof.

Drunken Sailor takes its name from the ancient sea shanty that sailors, pirates and navy folks sang as they worked long days at sea. Spice rum played an important role throughout the world and U.S. history. Even George Washington insisted on a barrel to be present for his inauguration.

Drunken Sailor Irish Whiskey...$28.99
The Irish invented whiskey and on the backs of sailors, navy men and pirates of the British Isles. It spread it's sweet brown veins across the world. The iconic sea shanty, drunken Sailor was on most of these swashbuckler's lips and was the chorus of the seas as they worked in unison on the tall ships. And those men kept their mettle about them with Irish Whiskey. The nectar of Poseidon!

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