Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Lindemans Cuvee Rene Oude Kriek

Back in stock now, this one sells very well.

Lindemans Cuvee Rene Oude Kriek...$10.99 / 750ml
The History of Oude Kriek Cuvée René
In order to produce Oude Kriek Cuvée René, whole cherries (including pits) ferment in a lambic that is at least six months old in huge 10,000-liter oak barrels called foudres. After six months, this traditional kriek is bottled in corked 750 mL bottles. Oude Kriek Cuvée René is bottle-conditioned: a second fermentation process which, after a few months, will produce the carbon dioxide to which this authentic beer owes its carbonation and distinctive foam head.

Oude Kriek has been brewed by the Lindemans brewery since 1961, renamed Oude Kriek Cuvée René in 2007, and imported into the US in 2016.

The brewers blend aged lambic and younger lambic, to taste, and refermentation occurs in the bottle after capping. It is highly coveted by gourmands in Belgium and in the US who lay it in their cellars, sometimes for years. Lindemans Oude Kriek Cuvée René is authentic "Oude Kriek," every batch blended by hand.

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