Saturday, May 21, 2016

Rare Beer Releases during Beer Fest May 21

A chance to purchase one of these bottles during Beer Fest.
We are very excited and lucky to have these available to release.

12 bottles available
Perennial Funky Melon Wit....$14.99 / 375ml
Funky Wit with Charentais Melon

10 bottles available
Perennial Barrel Aged Abraxas....$29.99 / 750ml
Imperial Stout aged Twelve months in Rittenhouse Rye barrels with cacao nibs, vanilla beans, ancho chiles & cinnamon sticks

12 bottles available
Side Project Noir du Fermier...$24.99
Barrel Fermented Missouri Black Saison
(we supplied a couple of red wine barrels for this one)
"Noir du Fermier is a dark farmhouse ale in which the robust yet dry malt bill is balanced with the brightness, depth and rustic character of the wild Brettanomyces and Lactobacillus found on our family's Missouri farm. This farmhouse ale was fermented in and aged in red wine and bourbon barrels for several months before being naturally bottle conditioned in this bottle." - back label

How will these be released?
Everyone is asking about the details.  This is the plan. 

If you are interested in purchasing one of these rare bottles - when you check in to the beer fest you need to grab one of these tickets to enter for a chance.

  • We will pull the tickets at 1:45 on May 21 during Beer Fest
  • You must be present to win for this one.  If your ticket is drawn you can purchase the bottle.   Do not lose your ticket.  You will need it to claim the bottle.
  • We will pull 12 tickets for the Funky Wit, 10 for the BA Abraxas, and 12 for the Noir du Fermier.  In that order.
  • We will take a picture of all the winning numbers and post it on our Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook all at the same time with the hash tag #TWCPFest - so if you do not follow us on one of those, find somebody that does.
  • You will have until 2:15 to claim your bottle.  No substitutions.  If you find one of the other winners that is willing to trade with you, that is fine though.
  • If there are some unclaimed bottles at 2:15 we will draw more names and again post them on InstagramTwitter, and Facebook

We will use the hashtag #TWCPFest during the beer fest to keep you updated on what is going on and many of the surprise beer openings as possible on our Social Media pages.


John Pearson said...

I hate it. :) But only because I can't stay until 1:45!

Paul Hayden said...

You can always give your ticket to a friend to claim if you know someone at the event.

Kris Dalpiaz said...

I'll be there, John. Write your name on your ticket so I don't get them mixed up and I'll pick up for you.

Paul Delong said...

Wish I could go...stupid wedding season.

Paul Delong said...

Wish I could go...stupid wedding season.