Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Lucifer Closeout

We just bought a great closeout!

We got in a decent supply - so stock up!
Het Anker Lucifer....$5.99 / 4pk 11.2oz bottles
(was $15.99 a 4pk)
Het Anker Lucifer...$3.99 / 25oz
(was $11.99 / 750ml)

8% ABV
"Lucifer pours cleat and golden yellow with a lasting and lacing full white head. The aroma of yeast carries into the flavor with slight metallic and spiced accents. A of fruit compliments the dry and bitter finish of this complex beer."
"Brewery Het Anker is one of the oldest breweries in Belgium. It first appears in the records of the city of Mechelen in 1369. That year “Jan in den Anker” was already paying his penny membership to the St. Rombouts Chapter of the Brewer’s Guild. The brewery appears a second time in the year 1433 which Mathijs, Jan’s son, took over the city brewery after not being profitable. In approximately 1400 the brewery, Beguinage, and the “crankenhuys” (hospital) occupied one third of the city. Some of the buildings from the 15th century still stand on the outer parts of the city."

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