Saturday, April 23, 2016

Featured cheeses

New Ballas Location Cheese Feature:
Saint Agur BLUE
A blue cheese made from pasteurized cow's milk from the village of Monts du Velay. A double creme blue, aged 60 days, begins with a mellow profile becoming strong as it ages.  One of our favorite and most popular blue cheeses.

Ballwin location Cheese Feature:
Edel De Cleron
Soft Ripening, full lactic authentic flavor. Spruce bark around edge of wheel adds romance to the profile of the cheese. Rind is off white and thick though edible

Forsyth locatoni cheese featureEpoisses de Bourgogne
One of the most famous washed rind cheeses is Epoisses de Bourgogne.  It is made in the tiny village of Epoisse which is located in the department of Côte-d’Or in eastern France. The Cheese is washed with Marc de Bourgogne, which creates a rather pungent and gooey washed rind cheese.    Try with a great Burgundy wine!!

Rock Hill location cheese feature
Goatsbeard Farm - Missouri
"Delicious artisanal cheeses made from the fresh milk of our very own pasture-grazing goats! We offer the following goat cheeses at Goatsbeard Farm: Fresh Rounds, Fresh Tubs, Soft-Ripened Cheese, Feta and Aged Raw Milk Cheese.
Currently our herd consists of about 50 milking does. These goats are crosses between Nubian, Sable Saanen, and LaMancha breeds, each of which contributes to the high quality of our milk. Nubians produce milk that is high in protein and butterfat, and Saanens are known for high volume as well as quality milk." -- Goatsbeard

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