Friday, April 22, 2016

Localfolks Foods

Localfolks Foods
LocalFolks Foods is proud to produce a variety of wholesome natural foods that capture the flavorful abundance of America’s varying farm regions. At LocalFolks Foods we are committed to maximizing the use of available, local and regional ingredients, harvested at their peak of ripeness, to bring the best of our country’s bounty to your table year-round.

LocalFolks is determined to reinforce the values associated with bolstering a more local, sustainable food supply. We source ingredients from our country’s natural geographic regions and partner with family farms, farm cooperatives, and processors throughout those regions. This helps to create and strengthen local food networks while providing opportunities for family farms to grow alongside us as we continue to add to our line of natural and wholesome products.
Current Regions of Operation
Midwest: Sheridan, Indiana

LocalFolks Foods Midwest utilizes a large amount of ingredients from farms throughout the greater Midwest and produces its line of products in two facilities located in Indiana. We are currently distributed throughout a 10-state area.
No corn syrups, no GMOs, no artificial ingredients, no gluten products 

In stock at Forsyth now, you can order online for transfers.

Local Folks Foods Stone-Ground Xxpress Mustard...$5.99 / 8oz. jar
This fresh, stone-ground mustard is based off a 200 year-old German recipe. Lightly sweetened with a little honey and red ripe bell peppers. Hot and spicy, a little goes a long way! 

Ingredients: brown and yellow mustard seed, honey, rice wine vinegar, bell peppers, jalapeños, salt, cilantro, lemon juice.

Local Folks Foods Honey Bar-Bee-Q...$5.99 / 16oz. jar
Barbecue sauce with a touch of spice.
Crushed tomatoes, brown sugar, apple cider vinegar, honey, potato and tapioca starch, chili powder (chili peppers, garlic, salt and spices), sea salt, garlic, black pepper, allspice, citric acid

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