Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Stickum - Beer Brandy

Very limited....
Stickum Plus....$99.99 / 750ml
Only 150 bottles made
Distilled Beer!!

Uerige Sticke Alt, distilled, and aged in cognac barrels

"UERIGE DoppelSticke Alt is distilled at the UERIGE Hausbrauerei distillery and then matured in Cognac barrels on the brewery's premises in the Alstadt of Duesseldorf." -- label

Since the winter of 2007/08, UERIGE is not only a house brewery but also a house distillery, and the only one in Düsseldorf at that!

The distillery, centrally positioned in the STICKUM annex to the main precinct, distils STICKUM and STICKUM PLUS from UERIGE Sticke and DoppelSticke, respectively. These are fine spirits that set new standards.

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