Monday, June 24, 2024

Pendleton Whisky 20 Year Old Director's Cut

On sale!!
Pendleton Whisky 20 Year Old Director's Cut...$159.99
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  • An ultra-premium blended Canadian whisky
  • Aged 20 years
  • Made using glacier-fed spring water from Mt. Hood (Oregon’s highest peak)
  • 40% alc./vol. (80 proof)
Inside each bottle of Directors’ Reserve is a story. One that embodies the lore and legacy of the Pendleton Round-Up – an iconic symbol of rodeo heritage. Dedicated to the directors’ of the Pendleton Round-Up, this exceptional whisky is aged 20 years in American oak barrels then cut with pure glacier-fed spring water from Oregon’s Mt. Hood. Each edition of Directors’ Reserve is adorned with an authentically leathersmithed neck cuff by third generation saddle maker Randy Severe, whose family has made custom saddles for nearly 70 years.

Enjoy neat to truly savor the inextinguishable soul of the American West. With Directors’ Reserve, age has never looked or tasted better.

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