Tuesday, May 14, 2024

New Batch of Tears of Llorona Tequila Anejo

Tears of Llorona Extra Anejo...$249.99 / 1L
Requiring a careful combination of patience, care, and love, the process of creating Tears of Llorona starts with 100% pure Weber Agave Azul grown in the volcanic slopes of the Mexican highlands, where agaves grow slowly and naturally to achieve a higher starch content. Germán personally inspects each plant before harvesting and then slow-roasts the piñas the traditional way before fermenting using a proprietary yeast.
The fermented mosto, or must, is then distilled twice in traditional copper pot stills and aged in three distinct types of oak barrels— Scotch, Sherry Oak, and Brandy — for five years, which is two years longer than most traditional extra añejos.
Aged for five years in three types of barrels, including scotch, brandy, and Sherry oak barrels, Tears of Llorona is then masterfully blended by Germán, delivering a layered tasting experience with a complexity of flavors. Germán then bottles at 43% specific gravity to balance the flavors. This slow, hand-crafted process results in a very high rate of osmotic loss, known as the “angels’ tears”; another reason for the name, Tears of Llorona.
AROMA: Caramel custard, dried fruit, and dark chocolate
TASTE: Agave with a heady spiciness and complexity for experienced palates
FINISH: Described best as "a warm scarf on a cold day."

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