Monday, November 9, 2020

E. Traber Alsace

Stunning Alsatian Values!
We are excited to find this great new producer to the United States as prices on the well-know names continue to climb in price over to $25 per bottle now.

2019 E. Traber Alsace Riesling...$19.99
E. Traber Riesling a dry white wine from the region of Alsace. This white wine is aromatic and it is classified as a “noble grape variety” just like Pinot Gris, Gewurztraminer and Muscat. 
It is known to be the finest of Alsace grapes and the most elegant. It covers about a quarter of the Alsatian vineyard.  It is a dry, racy white with loads of citrus and mineral components.   Well structure with a very long finish.
It goes perfectly with turkey, Smoked ham, fish, seafood, poultry, cold meat but also very well with Alsatian dishes such as sauerkraut

2018 E. Traber Alsace Gewuztraminer...$19.99
All the grapes are harvested by hand, to preserve all the aromatic richness, purity and freshness of the grape variety.  This Gewurztraminer expressess the typicity of the grape variety.  Gewurztraminer is the most aromatic of Alsace wines. With its aromas of rose, lychee and spices, and covers the palate. Soft, it goes well with foie gras, a fruit-based dessert. It goes well with spicy dishes or full-bodied cheeses.  Perfect with the wide assortment at Thanksgiving too!

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