Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Farm & Estate Red Corn Bourbon

Farm & Estate Red Corn Bourbon...$43.99 / 750ml
Non-GMO heirloom grain Jimmy red corn is a typically rich and sweet corn with a little more aromatics. The Brasetto rye is used for the nutty, spicy and fruit notes of this grain. The malted barley grown in the US, especially in the Midwest, tend toward a soft grassy note. The blend used is perfect for adding to the richness of the heirloom Jimmy red. The crops are grown in the Midwest at Ford county 1 and Stumpf Farms. They are irrigated and mashed/fermented with limestone water like traditional bourbons. This particular whiskey is mashed, fermented and aged together. This came together nicely and the flavor at this proof is such that it is being offered uncut. 
Grain: 85% Corn (Jimmy Red) 12.5% Rye (Brasetto) 2.5% Malt (2 Row)
Character: rich, spicy, fruity, malted "pilsner style" grassy, toasty, deep
Proof: 107

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