Thursday, May 30, 2024

Balcones Lineage Texas Single Malt Whiskey

Balcones Lineage Texas Single Malt Whiskey...$37.99 / 750ml
Lineage is a marrying of the traditional Scotch Single Malts that have long been an inspiration to us with innovative approaches to grain and maturation to celebrate Texas provenance.
Made from both Scottish and Texas-grown barley and aged in both refill and new oak barrels, Lineage celebrates both old and new traditions.
47% ABV

Sweet and indulgent, sourdough starter and cream soda, mulled cider, bruised bananas and peaches, tea tree
Caramelized sweetness, soft oak, manuka honey, chestnuts and hint of red wine reduction
Late palate builds into the transition to finish, slight prickle with more tea tree, black tea and hint of cinnamon

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