Friday, May 24, 2024

Apologue Paw Paw Liqueur


Apologue Spirits Paw Paw Liqueur...$36.99/750ml
The paw paw is a native North American tree known for the fruit it bears in the late summer through early fall. The fruits are green on the outside, yellow on the inside and grow to a length of up to six inches. Many Missourians use the pulp, which is roughly the same consistency as a banana, to make bread, pie, jelly and custard. The flavor is often compared to that of a banana, mango or kiwi. Pawpaw trees themselves are short and serve as forest undergrowth.

Rare and elusive, the Paw Paw is a fruit like no other with a taste reminiscent of banana and mango. Showcased here alongside crisp granny smith apple and fresh peach, hand split vanilla beans and mellow marshmallow root with just a touch of ginger heat and bright lime peel. Think: autumn on a tropical island. Pairs particularly well with agave spirits and rum.--Apologue website

Paw Paw is a favorite ingredient at the acclaimed STL restaurant, Bulrush!

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