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2023 Minuty Rose

2023 Minuty Rose wines from Provence.
One of the top selling Rose wines in France!

2023 Minuty M Rose.....$21.99
Grenache 60%, Cinsault 30%, Syrah 10%

Red-berry notes dominate the wine’s bouquet. The crisp, juicy fruits are round and appetizing on the palate. A slight touch of sweetness tempers this vivacious vintage, a splendid introduction to the rosés of Provence.
MINUTY M is pure Pleasure, pure Provence and pure Minuty in a bottle. Pure Pleasure because of its natural and easy-going vibe. Pure Provence because of its selection of grapes from all the Designation’s terroirs, from the seafront to the hinterland and Sainte-Victoire. Pure Provence because of the bottle design that was updated in 2014 but invented and designed in the 60s by Monique Farnet, Jean-Etienne and François Matton’s mother. The entire region made the revolutionary bottle shape their own which goes to show how the Matton-Farnet family has always set the benchmark for Provence wine. Last but not least, Pure Minuty because it embodies the winery’s style with intense aromas paired with light flavours.

2023 Minuty Prestige Rose....$23.99
Grenache 70%, Syrah 15%, Rolle 10%, Cinsault 5%

A brilliant robe, a nose of great finesse. Dominant flavors of tangy red berries are followed by notes of apricot. The wine’s pronounced minerality draws out a lingering finish on the palate.
This vintage appeared over 25 years ago when Jean-Etienne and François Matton wanted to bring a signature wine to a wider audience of Provence rosé lovers with the perfect pairing of exciting aromas and light flavour. The idea is to give drinkers a joyful experience and showcase the Provence terroirs. 

2023 Minuty Rose et Or....$32.99
Grenache 80%, Syrah 10%, Cinsault 5%, Tibouren 5%

This cuvée is an Estate wine. It first appeared in 2009 as the makers wanted to take the winery’s signature subtle flavour and intense aromas to the next level. To make the dream a reality, the winery’s three main terroirs were expertly blended to capture the Château Minuty flavour in Rose et Or. The 2023 vintage is the embodiment of elegance, with aromas of citrus and wild herbs. On the palate, an impression of lightness. The wine’s minerality lends it a distinctive freshness, enhanced by the salinity so characteristic of the Minuty terroir

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