Tuesday, October 31, 2023

Peerless High Rye Bourbon

Peerless High Rye Bourbon...$129.99 / 750ml
We craft our whiskey from grain to bottle. The process takes time,
but we wanted to create an authentic product that isn’t found elsewhere.
Peerless High Rye Bourbon is the first Peerless release to be crafted with a wholly unique mash bill since their Peerless Bourbon and Peerless Rye.
Up until this release, the Peerless mash bill has remained consistent through their Bourbon and Barrel Finished Bourbon offerings.
The new mash bill introduces a higher rye content than previous Bourbon offerings.
Despite being corn-based, bourbon owes much of its flavor to other grains.
Our Kentucky Peerless High Rye Mash has a higher percentage of rye grain,
emphasizing its sweet & spicy contribution.
This Peerless High Rye Bourbon release offers a savory nose highlighting warm seasoned oak, leather, and citrus. Cedar, dark fruit and sweet grasses further develop the complex aroma.
The first sip boasts candied oak topped with toasted sugar and charred orange. A bright tea freshness emerges from the sweetness and a thick mouthfeel.
Another sip adds warm leather and rich tobacco to the profile—the competing sweet and earthy notes tussle in an exciting finish.

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