Tuesday, July 25, 2023

Huling Station Straight Wheat Whiskey

When Alex Castle was in town, she told us that they are no longer making their small batch Wheat Whiskey.  We have a number of employees that love this whiskey, so we bought all that was left.  Grab some now, while it is still here!

No longer available!  We have what is left of this great Wheat Whiskey!
Huling Station Straight Wheat Whiskey....$39.99
Compare to $43.99 at Total Wine and More

More than 150 years after the big, bold whiskeys of 1866 Memphis, we went above and beyond the required mash bill for wheat whiskeys to develop a sweet, soft whiskey that boasts 83 percent wheat. With a lighter, more delicate profile and a lower proof than our pre-Prohibition style bourbon, Huling Station Straight Wheat Whiskey is the perfect approachable introduction to the whiskey world.
Huling Station Straight Wheat Whiskey opens with a light, sweet honey and a delicate grassy indication on the nose. The palate carries a hay-forward lightness with hints of the same pale honey featured in the nose, bookended by a surprising flash of smoked oak before settling into a medium, lightly-sweet finish.

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