Thursday, May 18, 2023

Exciting Perennial news! - Maman release soon

Exciting Perennial news!

Talked to Phil Wymore of Perennial Brewing, he tasted our barrels of Maman and he said they are delicious and ready to go!! He plans on bottling them in the next month or so!

We have to keep it going, so we also sent 5 barrels today to Perennial for another batch. This batch includes the William Larue Weller Single barrel that finished Tequila and our new Makers Mark Caramel Torte barrel. We will see these in a few years

The current batch that will be coming will be offered out first to top Perennial supporters first, as usual.  Our Perennial TWCP collabs will count as double points (based on Jan 1st through the release date).  We will post more details as we know them.

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