Friday, February 24, 2023

SaturDAYdrinking with Dave

SaturDAYdrinking with Dave-
Featuring Bitters and Apertifs

Saturday, February 25th
At the (IN)Famous Bar
Tucked in a corner of The Wine and Cheese Place
7435 Forsyth Blvd, Clayton
12 Noon-3pm 

We're featuring some of my fave bitter liqueurs this Saturday. Come on by and taste
The difference between the two styles of liqueurs We may even pour a cocktail….

Bizzaro Bitter Aperitivo...$31.99 (Australia)
We take a neutral grape spirit, infuse it with an array of fruits, herbs and other botanicals, and use this concoction to fortify a dry white wine.
But, of course, we up the flavour ante, using organically grown Riverland oranges and lemons to create an intoxicating citrus hit. Traditional aperitivo ingredients such as rhubarb and gentian root provide the bitterness, while the base wine is our super aromatic, organic and biodynamic skin contact Vermentino.

Contratto Bitter…$29.99 (Italy)
Alcohol, water, sugar, extracts from 24 aromas deriving from natural herbs, spices, roots, seeds (of which 9 are secret). Carrot and beetroot extract give the Bitter its color.
Aloe, bitter orange, sweet orange, wormwood, cloves, cardamom, gentian, hibiscus, elecampane, juniper, mint, rhubarb, sage, nettle.Suze Aperitif…$29.99 (France)
Suze is a French apĂ©ritif made from gentian—an aromatic plant used as a bittering agent in a whole slew of French digestifs. It tastes very vegetal, like eating dandelion greens, but it also offers citric tones, like pomelo and perfume-y citrus—not lemon or lime.

Liquore delle Sirene Bitter Artigianale…$34.99 (Italy)
A bittersweet aperitivo liqueur made from 23 botanicals, most of them grown near Lake Garda and around the historic city of Verona; others cultivated and shipped from the south of Italy and some, like Chinese rhubarb root, from around the world. Botanicals include olive and lemon tree leaves, linden and acacia flowers, wild rose berries, sweet and bitter orange, absinthe, gentian and ginger. All infusions are done individually, blended according to Elisa’s recipe and then rested for a short time in small oak cask. A light filtration is performed with paper filter to preserve color and aroma. No chemicals or artificial coloring are used.

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