Tuesday, February 28, 2023

MB Roland

Our first load from MB Roland
MB Roland Distillery is a completely “grain to glass” craft distillery located in Pembroke, Christian Co. KY. We’re actually outside of town and affectionately refer to our exact location as “downtown St. Elmo.” We use local white corn to hand make each of our products.

MB Roland Corn Whiskey Barrel Proof....$38.99
  • Batch 17
  • 113.6 proof
  • 726 bottles in this batch
  • 95% White Corn - 5% Malt
MB Roland Corn Whiskey is both gentle and full-flavored. Our Christian County white corn provides sweet, floral notes that compliment the bourbon barrel aging of this distillation and barrel proof offering. Try it neat or on the rocks.

MB Roland Bourbon Barrel Proof....$49.99
  • Batch 88
  • 108.8 proof
  • 923 bottles in this batch
  • 78% White Corn - 17% Rye - 5% Malt
Our bourbon is truly like no other. We use local, food-grade white corn, and bottle the product at distillation and barrel proof in the style of a Pre-Prohibition bourbon. The result is a unique, very full-flavored whiskey that typically comes in at between 105 - 115 Proof (52.5 – 57.5% ABV). Each batch is a blend of 5 – 10 barrels, is hand labeled, numbered and individually proofed.

MB Roland Rye Barrel Proof....$49.99
  • Batch 13B
  • 108 proof
  • 1605 bottles in this batch
  • 68% Rye - 27% White Corn - 5% Malt
MB Roland Rye Whiskey is a unique local expression of our distillery in Western Kentucky. The spiciness from the rye in this mash is rounded out by the addition of our local Christian County white corn.

Full of flavor, full of spice, enjoy!

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