Tuesday, March 7, 2023

Hidden Barn Small Batch

We are on Hidden Barn's email list - we made their newsletter - that is a picture of Jackie and Nate at our Forsyth event!!

Hidden Barn is Royce Neeley, Jackie Zykan, Nate Winegar, and Matt Dankner

Both batches back in stock now! 

Hidden Barn Small Batch Series 1...$67.99
  • Small Batch Series: 1 
  • Batch #5
  • 106 Proof
  • Batch Size 15 Barrels
  • Age: 4-5 years 
70% Corn, 20% Rye, 10% Malted Barley Neeley Family Distillery, Sparta, KY
Sweet Mash 5 day fermentation time with wildcaught KY yeast 
Distillation: Double pot distilled, collected at 127 proof Maturation: Between 4-5 years Barrel: Level 2 Char made from two-year seasoned American white oak staves 
Barrel Entry Proof: 110 proof Filtration: Sediment filter only 
Tasting Notes: Buttery and honey forward, balanced on the palate with approachable baking spice and candied citrus

Hidden Barn Small Batch Series 2...$67.99
Small Batch Series: 2 
  • Batch #1
  • 112 Proof
  • 10 Barrel batch
  • Age: 5-6 years 
  • 60% Corn, 35% Rye, 5% Malted Barley 
M B Roland, Christian County Kentucky 
We opted for a high rye mashbill to showcase the multifaceted contribution this flavorful grain brings to a bourbon recipe. Series Two brings together pot still production and generously high rye mashbill, resulting in a flavorful and complex spirit. Barrels were distilled at M.B. Roland. The mash is fermented for three-four days using Christian County, Kentucky water and industry standard yeast. It is then double pot distilled and collected at 110 proof. The undiluted distillate is then matured in wood-fired Kelvin Cooperage American White Oak barrels. Barrels rest on property, and once matured, are filtered only for sediment before bottling. Located in Pembroke, Kentucky, M.B. Roland was the founding distillery of the Kentucky Bourbon Craft Trail.

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