Saturday, January 28, 2023

Muri Non-Alcoholic Wines

Murray Paterson founded Muri in 2020 after working as a distiller at the groundbreaking Empirical Spirits distillery in Denmark. Ioakeim Goulidis then joined after a spell at the Noma Fermentation Laboratory.
Muri is inspired by - and a product of - the gastronomic community in Copenhagen, particularly the city’s expertise in fermentation. We use culinary techniques and unusual ingredients to create non alcoholic blends with real craft and story.
We are fixated by flavour development and changing perceptions around the Non Alcoholic category. We are devoted to quality which is why we work with small-scale farmers and forage botanicals in nearby Danish forests.
By using flavours and techniques connected to a culinary sphere, our drinks are an ideal companion to a plate of food. A progressive take on the traditional wine pairing, we say.Murray’s experience as a distiller at Empirical Spirits taught him the value of blending drinks. He learned to view the composition of a drink much like the composition of a dish. At Muri we use different liquids for specific purposes relating to taste and structure. We carefully piece these together to build up layers of flavour, funk, and complexity.
As a wine or cidermaker does, elements are used for acidity, tannin, body or structure. We believe that you cannot replicate the complexity of wine in non alcoholic drinks without blending.
Muri NA Wine YAMILÉ Sparkling Rose...$29.99 / 750ml
Don’t let its colour fool you. Yamilé opens with a creamy smokiness, balancing the fruity high notes of raspberry and rhubarb. A touch of pink peppercorn rounds off this highly sapid blend. We love drinking it alongside smoked fish or beetroot dishes. Give it a try.
Muri NA Wine Passing Clouds...$31.99 / 750ml
Enjoy the dry, complex, and floral palate of Passing Clouds. Combining aromatic gooseberries, quince, Jasmin tea, geranium, and woodruff, the effervescent drink is the life of the party. Make it your perfect companion to cheer for better days, or to pair with seafood and soft cheeses.
Muri NA Wine Nuala Red...$27.99 / 750ml
Nuala is complex, juicy and fresh but with real poise. Aromas of red berries are met with a hint of forest, a slight tartness and a layered palate with gentle tannins.

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