Monday, November 7, 2022

Iwai Tradition Whisky Limited releases

Limited releases!

Iwai Tradition Whisky Sakura Casks...$63.99
Limited release of blended Japanese whisky from Mars Shinshu in Nagano
Iwai Tradition finished for 5 months in Sakura casks (Japanese cherry blossom)
The Sakura casks are sourced from Ariake Sangyo Co., Japan’s only independent cooperage; the casks are rectangular due to the wood not being able to hold well in a traditional cask shape.  Blend of 70% malted barley and 30% corn aged between 2–5 years in ex-bourbon, sherry, and American oak casks before finishing.  Honey, straw, and apricot jam with floral highlights on the nose transition to a brandy-like roundness on the palate with a finish of cotton candy and ripe red berries.
40% ABV

Iwai Tradition Whisky Umeshu Casks...$63.99
Limited edition of blended Japanese whisky produced at Mars Shinshu in Nagano, Japan
Classic Iwai Tradition expression finished in Japanese plum wine (umeshu) casks for an additional 6+ months
Iwai Tradition is a blended whiskey composed primarily of malted barley with a smaller percentage of corn aged in a combination of ex-bourbon, sherry, and wine casks for 3–12 years (average of 5).  The honey, toffee, and ginger spice of classic Iwai Tradition is amplified by a nose of cinnamon and a lingering finish of sweet & sour plum and black tea
40% ABV

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