Monday, November 7, 2022

Old Elk / TWCP / STLBS - 7 Year Old Wheated Bourbon...$99.99

Old Elk / TWCP / STLBS - 7 Year Old Wheated Bourbon...$99.99
St Louis Bourbon Festival 2022 Edition
Aged 7 Years
51% Corn * 45% Wheat * 4% Malted Barley
Series 2022
Barrel No 8259
Yield 192 bottles - low stock alert = less than 12 bottles left at Forsyth now
some bottles at the other locations too

Info from the St. Louis Bourbon Society
Did you get a chance to try our official St Louis Bourbon Festival Old Elk bottle Friday night at the Wine and Cheese tent??
James and J.T. did an awesome job picking this high age Old Elk Wheated barrel over the summer while out in Fort Collins, CO.
This is one of the older wheated bourbons we have seen from Old Elk, officially 7 years and unofficially closer to 8 years. The yield will be under 200 bottles being that it is a bit older. We are calling this pick the Hungry Jack Pancake bottle!

Nose: pancake batter, sweet oak, cocoa
Palate: warm pancakes with Nutella and peanut butter, drizzled with light maple syrup.
Finish: drinks below proof with baking spices and melted butter
Proof: 116.6
Mashbill: 51% Corn, 45% Wheat, 4% Malted Barley

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