Thursday, June 2, 2022

Sunday's Finest Gold Fashioned Craft Cocktail

Sunday's Finest Gold Fashioned Craft Cocktail...$149.99
  • 8-year Kentucky Straight Bourbon
  • 5-Year Indiana Straight Rye Whiskey
A great Old Fashioned showcases the base spirit.
At Sunday's Finest we start by blending 8-Year Kentucky Straight Bourbon with a 5-Year Indiana Straight Rye Whiskey. This split-base style cocktail showcases the best of both worlds - featuring the sweet warmth of the Bourbon and the complementary spice notes in the Rye.
Bitters & Demerara
Sunday's Finest Saffron Bitters & Fair Trade Demerara 
Bitters are an essential component in any proper Old Fashioned, adding complexity and depth. To craft Sunday's Finest Saffron Bitters, we've sourced the most exquisite spices the world has to offer. We then add just enough Fair Trade Demerara Sugar for balance and mouthfeel.

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