Thursday, March 3, 2022

Beer from Ukraine

Beers from Ukraine

Lvivske 1715 Ukraine Lager...$2.19 / 15.2oz bottle
Lvivske is the oldest Ukrainian beer, which monks began brewing back in 1715. Nowadays, Lvivske has become part of the Ukrainian history. It is a symbol of the epoch and pride of Ukraine.
Lvivske 1715 is a light beer of flawless quality that is based on tercentenary traditions and even more ancient secrets of Lviv brewers. The secrets of the ancient recipe were passed by word of mouth, from father to son. Light hoppy beverage with pure malt aroma and inimitable taste is a true discovery for all who are devoted to classics and ancient traditions.

Lvivske Ukraine Blonde Beer...$2.19 / pint
Lviviske Blonde is a pale lager with pure taste and an aroma of a fermented malty beverage. It has a pleasant hoppy bitterness, excellent tonic properties and perfectly quenches thirst.

Obolon Premium Ukraine Lager...$2.99 / 16.9oz bottle
Obolon Premium is a lager beer that presents an extremely soft and rich taste. Aromatic hops in combination with a special ingredient-rice provide this beer with a distinct flavor and a pleasant bitterness. Especially refreshing and effervescent beer with pronounced taste and palatable bitterness. This is one of the most popular beer due to its mild taste.

Obolon Ukraine Lager...$2.99 / 16.9oz bottle
Obolon Lager is the best ever choice for those who are in love with lager beer. Well-aged beer with nice hops bitterness and flavor. This beer is produced in accordance with classical technology and aged in a cold environment.

Obolon Ukraine Magnat Lager...$2.99 / 16.9oz bottle
Famous Ukrainian Lager brewed with old world recipes, using the finest ingredients.
5.2% ABV

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