Monday, February 7, 2022

Zoom tasting with Sal Chavez of La Luna Mezcal

Zoom tasting with Sal Chavez of La Luna Mezcal

Thursday Feb 17th 7:00pm-8:15pm

$45.00 per set 
Only 14 spots available

Set includes 4-50ml, samples (each 50ml enough for 2 drams) tasting zoom key, and a zipped bag of our house-roasted mixed nuts**
        ** We are allowed to create our own 50ml zoom sets if you buy our house made premium nuts.  We checked with MO liquor control and because of the new Missouri law as long as we sell you our fresh roasted in house nuts, we can sell you these 50ml liquor bottles.  (we must sell house made food with the sets)

We at the TWCP love Mezcal and we're stoked to have Sal, Chavez, the owner of La Luna Mezcal guide us through an in-depth tasting of these smoky treats. La Luna Mezcal originates in Michoacán, one of the most abundant regions in Mexico, with its untamed ocean, vast avocado groves, and forest sanctuaries harboring Monarch butterflies. Michoacan is one of eight states that have the Denominación de Origen necessary to produce and distribute mezcal in Mexico and other parts of the world.

Here’s the lineup for the evening’s festivities:

La Luna Cupreata….$34.99
Aroma – Clean, floral nose with hints of citrus blossom and vanilla.
Flavor – citrus notes, smooth textures, and a deft touch of wood smoke throughout the lengthy aftertaste.

La Luna Ensamble Chino Manso Sahuayo…$73.99
Aroma- Sweet roasted agave, roasted pineapple, orange zest, grassy
Flavor- sweet agave, sweet mint, savory spices

La Luna Tequilana…$63.99
Aroma- citrus, baking spices, custard, fresh agave, bubblegum
Flavor- delicate smoke, white pepper, cooked agave

La Luna Chino Silvestre…$72.99
Aroma- lemon, evergreen forest, pine, resin.
Flavor- slightly savory, cooked agave, anise

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