Monday, August 2, 2021

Glen Breton Rare Single Malts from Canada

Glen Breton Rare Single Malt 10 Year Old...$61.99
  • Winner of Gold Medal, 2011 International Review of Spirits, Chicago
  • Rated in Top 50 Spirits Worldwide, Wine Enthusiast Magazine, 2006
  • Glenora Distillers is proud to announce that this expression in craftsmanship has been selected as one of the 101 Whiskies to Try Before You Die in the book of the same name by Ian Buxton.
  • 101 Whiskies to Try Before You Die was released on September 2nd 2010 by Hachette Scotland

Aged for 10 years with American Oak in traditional warehouses situated within the apple orchard of the Glenora Distillery property in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia.

Nose:  Orange, Spice, Chocolate, Honey, Vanilla, with hints of Tobacco Maple & Cherry
Palate:  Fruit, Chocolate, Hazelnut, Maple and Cherry
Finish:  Long and smooth, eventual Apple and Ginger

Glen Breton Rare Single Malt 10 Year Old Ice Wine Finish...$85.99
  • 2021 Gold Medal Winner | New York International Spirits Competition
  • Gold and Silver Medal Winner at San Francisco World Spirits Competition
Glen Breton Ice is our single malt whisky finished in an ice wine barrel.
At the suggestion from a Glen Breton fan, Glenora approached Jost Vineyards, an award wining Nova Scotia winery, requesting to use one of their oak barrels once used for their Ortega Ice Wine to finish one of Glenora's cask strength whiskies. With the partnership in place the experiment began. Because ice wine is powerful in its own unique way Glenora tasted the whisky each day as it picked up trace hints of sweetness and fruit from the grape. After 4 months it was felt that the ideal finish was achieved.

Nose: Honey, Cinnamon, Apple, Vanilla
Palate: Grape Peel, Sweet Apple, Vanilla, Hazelnuts, Spice
Finish: Lingering Cherry, Wine, Ginger, Cedar

Glen Breton Rare Single Malt 14 Year Old...$93.99
  • 2021 Gold Medal Winner | New York International Spirits Competition
  • Triple Gold Medal Winner | Micro Liquour

Nose: Wild Apple, heather, honey and maple
Taste:  Light and smooth with hints of apples, chocolate, vanilla and touch of toasty wood and maple
Finish:  Lingering flavour, including nuts, and berries and fruitiness

Glen Breton Rare Single Malt 19 Year Old...$169.99
  • 2021 Bronze Medal Winner | New York International Spirits Competition
The Glen Breton Rare 19-Year-Old forms part of our range which features a series of single malt whiskies matured exclusively in hand-picked American oak casks for richness and complexity. Its notable features include a nose of orange, pine, honey, oil, brine and subtle smoke flavours. The palate is warm and rich, with notes of pepper, cedar, lemon, hazelnut and maple with a long smooth finish. Savour this neat.

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