Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Rum tasting with Kate Perry

We have Kate Perry, the US Market Manager for Le Maison & Velier Rums coming to our Forsyth location

TONIGHT!  Wednesday, July 14 from  5pm-6:30
Where: The Wine and Cheese Place - Forsyth
              7435 Forsyth Blvd, Clayton MO 63105

Open House Format.

Come meet rum expert Kate Perry and tasting some amazing rums!

We will taste....
  • Hampden Estate Rum 7yr 60%
  • Hampden Estate Rum 8yr 46%
  • Spirit of Haiti Clairin Casimir
  • Spirit of Haiti Clairin Le Rocher
  • Spirit of Haiti Clairin Sajous
  • Spirit of Haiti Clairin Vaval

Kate Perry:
In 2012, Kate Perry fell into a rum hole with the opening of Rumba, Seattle's world-renowned rum bar. Rum quickly became her life's work and passion - teetering on obsession. Beyond the liquid in the glass, Perry loves the people and places from which the spirit comes and the community it seems to foster everywhere it has been. In 2017, she moved to New York to launch the portfolio of La Maison & Velier and has the honor of her life to manage the distribution of the portfolio's incredible spirits (including but not limited to many of her favorite rum distilleries) into the US Market. As she loves to say, "rum is always best when shared with friends."

More info on the products

Hampden Estate Single Jamaican Rum 46...$49.99 / 750 ml
Produced with unique and partly secret methods that have remained unchanged since the 18th century. The result is a distillate with a distinct aromatic profile due in great part to an extremely high level of esters. The rum has been aged for 8 years in Jamaica (tropical climate). equivalent to almost 25 years of maturation in the European climate. The nose is voluptuous and intense. with notes of caramelized apple and sweet spices mixed with a delicate touch of smokiness. The mouth is very fascinating. smooth & dry at the same time (sugar free & additives free): it reveals very pleasant notes of wood. tropical fruits and resin.
46% ABV

Hampden Estate Single Jamaican Rum Overproof 60...$62.99 / 750 ml 
A definitely unique and exceptional rum. the result of an assemblage of different marks. all with a minimum barrel ageing of 7 tropical years equivalent toe years ageing in Europe. The nose is impetuous and very intense. every scent is amplified by the higher abv. A delightful scent of cherry is surrounded by delicate touches of woods & spices.
Definitely dry. with a very enjoyable bitter taste. this 60 overproof version is very harmonious. Lightly oakey and spicy. The finish is gentle, fulfilled by varnish and incense fragrances.
60% ABV

Spirit of Haiti Clairin Sajous Rum...$37.99 / 750 ml
  • 2018 Harvest
  • Sugar Cane Variety - Cristalline
  • Master Distiller - Michel Sajous
  • 56.5% ABV
North of Haiti’s capital; Port-au-Prince, in the Saint Michel de l'Attalaye region, is the Chelo distillery – built by Michel Sajous in the place his family has been since 1960. The small distillery is located in the middle of the plantation and spans 30 hectares, which are planted with different varieties of organic sugar cane. Fresh, herbacious and fruity, this is Clairin at its finest.
56.2% ABV

Spirit of Haiti Clairin Vaval Rum...$37.99 / 750 ml
  • 2018 Harvest
  • Sugar Cane Variety - Madam Meuze
  • Master Distiller - Fritz Vaval
  • 48.7% ABV
Cavaillon is three hours driving from Port au Prince. After the bridge of the village and the animated small market, a dirt road arrives to the distillery Arawaks of Fritz Vaval. It has been founded after the war by Frits’ s father Danois Vaval and today possess 20 hectares of the variety called Madame Meuze, grown without the additions fertilizers or artificial pesticides. The Cane is transported by donkeys and pressed in a small mill. The fermentation lasts around 3-5 days and is carried out using natural yeasts without adding water or artificial substances. When it leaves the column, the Clairin capacity is between 50° and 55°. It is stored in 200 litre drums then it is sent to Port-au-Prince where it is bottled.

Spirit of Haiti Clairin Casimir Rum...$37.99 / 750 ml
  • 2018 Harvest
  • Sugar Cane Variety - Hawaii
  • Master Distiller - Faubert Casimir
  • 51.4% ABV
Barradères is only 25 km as the crow flies from Cavaillon, which is on the national road from Port-au-Prince to Les Cayes, but to get there it takes at least three hours with a good 4-wheel drive vehicle, along a dirt road that climbs the hills covered by tropical forest. Here there is no restaurant, no bar, not even a pharmacy, but there are thirteen distilleries. Faubert Casimir continues the work started by his father Duncan in 1979 and he is considered the best distiller in the area. He cultivates fifty hectares of Hawaii Blanche and Hawaii Rouge cane; these are un-hybridised soft and tiny canes. In this area the distiller add some herbs or vegetable matter to pure cane juice during fermentation, to enhance the aromas. Casimir adds leaves of citronella, cinnamon and, in some batches, ginger.

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