Sunday, June 6, 2021

Sotol -

Tequila and Mezcal are made from agave....Sotol is made from a related plant that is referred to as Sotol in Spanish and Desert Spoon in English.

Soto Mayor Sotal Artesanal Exceptional Blanco...$56.99
The sotol heads are fired in a conical stone oven, using mesquite wood and volcanic stone. Cooking is carried out for 4 days; a volume of 3 tons of pineapples of 40kg on average each.

It is a fine, smooth and ancestral Mexican distillate, which awakens the senses and reverberates in the echoes of artisanal, 100% organic since it is made with completely pure sotolera plant and with an artisan process. Being an ancient drink, it involves an identity that is difficult to find.

Excentrico Sotol Plata...$39.99

100% Wheeleri sotol from Coahuila, double distilled.
25 Year old Sotol plants grown wild in the mountains
46% alc by vol.

Oro de Coyame Sotel Joven...$19.99
100% Dasylirion Wheeleri
48% alc by vol.

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