Sunday, May 2, 2021

Mucha Liga

Get ready for Cinco de Mayo!!

Mucha Liga is the thrill of the mexican Lucha Libre in the best Tequila of the world. Mucha Liga is a taste of bravery, strength and tradition, all mixed up inside our unique bottles. A masked bottle that hides the real identity of those who fight everyday to get what they deserve. They are the real luchadores that inspire Mucha Liga.

Mucha Liga Tequila Reposado....$29.99
Lowest Price on Wine-Searcher is $37.99
Rested in white oak barrels, our reposado is unlike any tequila with a great balance among the immediate presence of caramel and the gentle flavours of blue agave. An untamed expression of tequila.

Mucha Liga Tequila Anejo...$34.99
Lowest Price on Wine-Searcher is $42.99

Matured from the fields, our agave then processed as tequila will be patient to rest in barrels to become a robust, smooth and bold Añejo. A seductive and experienced expression of our familia.

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