Saturday, February 6, 2021

Sobieski Estate Vodka Single Rye

Sobieski Estate Vodka Single Rye....$13.99
Made with 100% Polish Rye

Super sale! only $13.99
Regular price $26.99

Sobieski Estate Single Rye, is a top premium quality single rye vodka from 100% Dankowski rye locally grown in Poland, by hand-filled and hand-crowned by distillers.
The vodka in this bottle represents over 500 years of polish distilling tradition, following traditional recipes kept since the 19th century at the Lancut mansion. Sobieski is made exclusively from the famous Dankowski Rye, harvested from the fields of Galicia. This unique grain has been recognized since early in the past century to produce vodka of superior quality and distinctive character their signature hereby confirms that this vodka indeed deserves the name of its patron, the great polish King Jan III Sobieski.

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