Saturday, February 6, 2021

Lone Whisker The Dogfather 15 Year Bourbon

Very limited release!
Lone Whisker The DogFather 15 Year Bourbon $549.99
we are the lowest price in the country on Wine-Searcher (next lowest price is $600)

Batch #2 - Distilled September 15th, 2005
Why did we wait 15 years to release our 2005 distillation of The DogFather? It is just the right amount of age to accentuate our unique mashbill and give DogFather a smooth refined finish.
Bourbon of this stature is a rarity. At its birth, a full barrel of bourbon has the potential to yield up to 275-300 bottles (750mls.) Over time, the evaporation is significant. Some barrels might yield only a dozen bottles in the end or, worst case, dry up completely.
The DogFather pays tribute to our fabled distillery dog who could hold court with anyone. The label depicts a speakeasy bar scene, reminiscent of Prohibition era counterculture, when ladies and gents with a bourbon swagger always dominated the room.

THE DOGFATHER -- 5,475 days old, a.k.a. aged 15 years

Only a handful of our loyal Lone Whisker followers will be able to get their hands on a single bottle!  (from their website and they are sold out)

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