Saturday, October 17, 2020

2019 Les Pallieres Au Petit Bonheur ROSE

One of the last 2019 ROSE to arrive.  But, worth the wait!
Basically Gigondas ROSE but they could not call it that!

2019 Les Pallieres Au Petit Bonheur ROSE...$25.99
If you’re feeling résistant to any policy makers these days, stock up on the sandy blond Au Petit Bonheur from Les Pallières. The INAO, the certifying body for France’s winemaking regions, believes that Gigondas’s eponymous rosé, despite being made naturally from organic grapes, may not identify as such if it does not look pink enough. Vexed by this rule, Kermit and the Bruniers decided to part ways with the Gigondas AOP and make their rosé as Mother Nature intended, in a vin gris style. Equal parts Clairette, Grenache, and Cinsault, this bottling is salty, discreet, and full of brambly fruit and soft citrus notes. Vive le freedom of le Vin de France. - Kermit Lynch Website

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