Saturday, August 1, 2020

Murray McDavid Scotches

Murray McDavid Benchmark Craigellachie 8 Year Old..$59.99
Limited Release
Distilled 2007
712 bottles
Bourbon Barrel

The Craigellachie Distillery is an unmissable sight, with its traditional pagoda and glass-walled stillhouse in the heart of Speyside. Proudly displayed are their handsome copper stills, easily seen from the outside, giving you an idea of the power that makes Scotch whisky.

The unusually heavy Speyside spirit has been taken through an unusual and complicated maturation by the Murray McDavid Whisky Creations Team. Starting life in a refill American oak barrel, this rich Speyside single malt was split into three unique and unusually sized casks. 30-gallon casks from the Koval Distillery were seasoned with rich, flavoursome rum. Some of the Craigellachie spirit was then filled into these casks to further mature. One of Murray McDavid's uniquely coopered 'Coleburn Drums' (casks which resemble a bass drum) was also seasoned with 160 litres of rum before being filled with the remaining whisky. After a brief maturation in these unique casks, the spirit, which had developed a sweet, honied aroma, was married and bottled.

Murray McDavid Ordha Meas Blended Scotch 2003...$43.99
Non Chill Filtered
  • Distilled: 2003
  • Age: 13 Years
  • Region: all 5 whisky regions
  • Wood: Bourbon Hogshead
  • Finish: Sherry Butt
  • Batch # 002
  • ABV : 46%
  • Bottles: 742
  • Blend of Highland Park, Glenrothes, Glengoyne, Port Dundas, and Cameronbridge

Murray McDavid The Vatting Peatside 6 Year Old...$56.99
Non Chill Filtered
46% ABV
Bottled from 6 Casks, Limited Release 2266 bottles
The serendipity of blending gives rise to wonderful creations. Peatside is a vatting of single malts from unexpected origins, matured in American oak followed by freshly emptied Port and PX casks. This combination showcases the flavours shining from the barrels collected from around Europe.
Peatside is a 'tea-spooned malt', 99.9% of one single malt blended with just a tiny drop of another. The origins of the spirit will, of course, remain a secret! The initial maturation in a bourbon barrel gave a light sweetness to soften the peaty spirit. The Whisky Creations Team then split the 'Peatside' spirit into two different casks, one that had held port wine and the other, Pedro Ximénez Sherry. After nearly two years in the finishing casks, this unusual spirit has developed the perfect balance between smoke and oak.

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