Friday, July 17, 2020

Woodsmen Pecan Barrel Aged Whiskey

About Our Company
At Woodsmen Distilling, whiskey distilling is a family run operation. We like to say that our family tree is ‘made of Missouri white oak’, the wood we use to make the barrels at our family’s cooperage, Barrel 53. Quality is at the heart of everything we do, and we handle every step of the whiskey distilling process from grain harvesting to bottling. Our process may take a little extra time and care, but we believe it’s worth it for superior quality and flavor.

Scheduled to arrive mid August
Subject to confirmation

Woodsmen Pecan Barrel Aged Whiskey....$129.99
around 700 bottles produced
125 proof
made in Missouri
Aged first in Missouri white oak and then in a barrel made of pecan oak.  A very expensive barrel to make.  There is no pecan flavoring in this whiskey.  
Aged 6 months in white oak barrel, then three years in a pecan barrel. All flavor comes strictly from the barrel. No added pecan flavorings or syrups.

Woodsmen artisan barrels are fired over Missouri White Oak chips, never propane, leaving you with a beautiful vessel to age bourbon. (NO PROPANE IN BARRELS, like most do)

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