Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Bitburger / Sierra Nevada Triple Hop'd Lager

In stock now at Forsyth.
Get it while it is here.  Apparently we are not supposed to get this it is only supposed to be for two billion dollar nation chains.

Bitburger / Sierra Nevada Triple Hop'd Lager...$11.99 / 6pk
Our Bitburger & Sierra Nevada Triple Hop’d Lager is brewed from three hop varieties—Cascade from the Eifel region in Germany and Centennial and Chinook from the USA— to create a fruity hop taste that is in perfect balance with the beer’s slightly bitter flavor. Cascade from the Eifel region in Germany and Centennial and Chinook from the USA – and refined with the “Bitburger Siegelhopfen,” our own seal hops blend. Our collaboration brew is an exciting mix that combines a fruity hop taste with a balanced bitter-malty flavor.
Biburger’s Hops Guarantee We only use the best hop varieties for our Bitburger hop recipe. We are especially proud of our own “Bitburger Siegelhopfen,” a seal hops blend that we grow with great care just a few kilometers from our brewery and use exclusively for our beer.

All about the “Bitburger Siegelhopfen”

In May 2019, our Bitburger brewers Jan Niewodniczanski, Stefan Meyna and Stefan Hanke went to visit the Sierra Nevada brewery in Mills River, North Carolina – now it was time for us to return the favor and host our American brewing friends in Bitburg. And once again, everything revolved around beer, hops and brewing together.
With enthusiasm and passion: The brewers from Bitburger and Sierra Nevada enjoy introducing their beers and their latest collaboration brew. Cheers to the brewing friendship and to our Triple Hop’d Lager!

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