Thursday, June 13, 2019

Cheese Features!

We are featuring Red Dragon and Drunken Goat this weekend.

Come in and taste these two cheeses at all four locations.
June 13th and 14th.

Red Dragon Cheddar
Red Dragon is Cheddar cheese from Wales made with Welsh brown ale and wholegrain mustard seeds and coated with bright red wax. It takes its name from the dragon symbol on the Welsh flag. The moist yet firm Red Dragon is aged for 3 months and made from pasteurized cow's milk. The mustard seeds give it a unique texture and an amazing buttery and spicy flavor. Along with the subtle sharpness of mustard seeds, the flavor of Red Dragon is also reminiscent of the mild, sharp taste of the Welsh ale and traditional cheddar.
Serve Red Dragon with dark ale or try a strong red wine. It is an excellent table cheese that melts well on a sandwich.

Drunken Goat
What is there not to love when two of your favorite things, wine and cheese, are combined into one delicious bite? Drunken Goat cheese (Murcia Al Vino) is a crowd-friendly, always popular, goat cheese from Spain, where you might see it called queso de cabra al vino. The purple rind comes from bathing in red wine, which also gives the cheese a slightly fruity flavor. The flavor is also sharp and tangy, but in a very mellow, "I want everyone to like me" sort of way. For those who don't like goat cheese, Drunken Goat is very much un-goaty.

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