Thursday, June 20, 2019

Narrow Gauge Imperial Stout Collab with Narrow Gauge!

Thank you to Jeff Hardesty of 
Narrow Gauge for including us in this beer release!!

Our first collab with Narrow Gauge!!!

Imperial Stout aged for over 26 months 
We supplied 3 of the barrels to Narrow Gauge back in early 2017
We have 504 bottles.

This will be a BRC release.

Emails sent out!

Press release from Narrow Gauge
"Our first barrel aged stout, which took over 2.5 years to make. This stout was brewed in December of 2016 and aged for over 26.5 months in bourbon barrels. We are releasing this in celebration of our 3 year Anniversary! We love and appreciate all the support our friends, family, and fans have given us over the past 3 years!"

Blend Details:
Barrel 1: 4 Roses OBSQ from TWCP filled on 1/4/2017, emptied 4/5/2019
Barrel 2: 4 Roses OESK from TWCP filled on 1/4/2017, emptied 4/5/2019
Barrel 3: George Dickel from TWCP filled 1/18/2017, emptied 4/5/2019
Barrels 4, 5, 6, and 7: Old Forester filled on 1/18/2017, emptied 4/5/2019

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