Friday, October 4, 2019

Mother's Brewing Materfamilias RYE Whiskey Barrel Aged

Another case just appeared!
some found it on the shelf yesterday already.
only 8 bottles left

Mother's Brewing Materfamilias RYE Whiskey Barrel Aged...$12.99 / 22oz
Our Single Barrel Materfamilias series highlights the unique qualities that each barrel type brings to the Materfamilias program. Aged for 8 months in Willett Family Distillery rye whiskey barrels, this beer gains strong flavors and aromas of fresh cut grass, baking spice, sweet cherry, and a firm charred oak. This special release is a look into the blending that determines the character of the ultimate Materfamilias release that also stands alone as a unique drinking experience.
PROFILE: rich dark chocolate, barrel tannin and spirit alcohol, sugar cane and nougat

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