Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Ohishi Whisky Islay Cask

Ohishi Whisky Islay Cask...$74.99
New - finished in Kilchoman Islay Scotch barrel
Ohishi Whisky is distilled from malted and unmalted rice fermented with ground water of the Kuma River Bed in Hitoyshi Japan. The distillery was founded in 1872.

Ohishi Whiskey Sakura Cask...$74.99
Ohishi Sakura cask is Ohishi Sherry and Ohishi Brandy casks that are finished in locally grown, new Sakura Casks for over 1 Year. Sakura is known as Cherry Blossom tree. 

Ohishi is the closest distillery to the source of the Kuma River. The Kuma River is one of the 3 fastest flowing in Japan and is renowned for its superior water quality. The Ohishi Distillery is blessed with fertile Soil and clear underground water, elements of an environment in which it upholds tradition but is always open to experimenting with new approaches. They use 30% of rice grown in their own fields. It is “gohyakumanishi”( 5 million stones) rice. The gohyakumanishi rice is grown in Ubuyamamura using an organic farming method that involves the use of koi carp to control weeds in paddy fields). They combine it with a mochi rice from Kumamoto Prefecture as a main ingredient. With about 1200 Sherry and Brandy casks, Ohishi Distillery puts a lot of effort into maturing its products over a long period of time.

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