Friday, March 22, 2019

Crane Brewing - limited releases

In stock now at Forsyth limited releases.

Crane Brewing Thanatos...$9.49 / 375ml
Port and Bourbon Barrel Aged Dark Sour
Our time on earth is brief, and that should be celebrated.  We took a dark sour with dark fruit notes and aged it in stone pillar port barrels and Rieger bourbon barrels for 18 months.  The marriage between the two is seamless - the port barrels bring big red fruit and chocolate notes, and the Bourbon barrels bring notes of caramel, roast and a touch of vanilla that lingers on the palate.

Crane Brewing Township 49...$9.49 / 375ml
Barrel Aged Spontaneously Fermented Wile Ale

Crane Brewing Trill...$9.49 / 375ml
Sour Quad Ale Aged in Brandy Barrels on Mangos

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