Saturday, February 16, 2019

Dram Adaptogen CBD Sparkling Water

Dram Lemongrass Adaptogen CBD Sparkling Water...$11.99 / 4pk 
Dram Gingergrass Adaptogen CBD Sparkling Water..$11.99 / 4pk
Daily stress management for body & mind in a sparkling water.
A motivating and energizing blend of adaptogenic herbs, lively Lemongrass and Colorado grown CBD designed to:
  • Improve energy levels & concentration without stimulants
  • Banish brain fog & mental fatigue
  • Promote long term physical & mental endurance
  • Turn down the volume on anxiety
  • Unravel stress
Plants and herbs defined as Adaptogens assist the body in adapting to the various stressors of human life, while promoting long term resilience of body and mind. Adaptogens work best when taken daily over an extended period of time.

*20MG Broad Spectrum CBD per 12 ounce can

ZERO Calories ZERO Sugar

INGREDIENTS for the Lemongrass:  Triple purified carbonated water, Glycerine, Lemongrass, Lemon Balm, Lemon Rind, Eleuthero Root, Schisandra Berry, Hibiscus, PCR Hemp Extract. 

INGREDIENTS for the Gingergrass: Triple purified Carbonated Water, Glycerine, Ginger root, Amla berry, Rhodiola Root, Chaga Mushroom, PCR Hemp Extract.

All ingredients wild or organically grown in the USA.
We use BPA Free Cans, CBD is GMP certified

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