Monday, August 13, 2018

SweetWater Through the Brambles

Very limited release
SweetWater Through the Brambles...$9.99 /375ml
A southern funk sour ale rich with notes of blackberry, oak, and filled with wild yeast and bacteria. Light bodied and rose in color this tart ale is dosed with Georgia grown blackberries and aged in an American Oak Foeder for 12 months.

SweetWater 21st Anniversary Oud Bruin....$9.99 / 375ml
For our next few anniversary releases we’re celebrating the beer mecca of Flanders, Belgium with a little east vs. west showdown. First off is an Oud Bruin (tr. Old Brown), which represents the style from the region of East Flanders. As the name indicates, this is an old style brown ale that uses a blend of microflora: bacteria such as acetobacter, lactobacillus and pediococcus; yeasts such as cultured saccharomyces yeast and brettanomyces wild yeasts to give the beer a specific sourness and funky aroma. We then aged it in American Oak foeders on top of cherries to give it a nice fruity punch that we know you’ll love.

SweetWater Pit and Pendulum...$9.99 / 375ml
A golden ale soured with lactobacillus and fermented with three brettanomyces strains, then aged for six months on American and French Oak with 3,000 pounds of Montmorency and Balaton cherries. Freshly harvested house brettanomyces was added for bottle conditioning, ensuring evolution in the cellar.

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