Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Against the Grain new releases

Against The Grain Bragnarok...$12.99 / 4pk 16oz cans
Valhalla, I'm coming! In the heat of the Kentucky summer, many WOOOOS! can be heard emanating from the park clearing. As was the foretold by the great prophecy, heroes battle defending might Asgard from the manner of jotuns and trolls. Hit points are lost, foam swords are bent and foil armor is crushed. Alas, we must celebrate the coming of Bragnarok, SKOL!

Against The Grain Sexy Saxon Stefan Wilhelm...$8.99 / 500ml 
Have you heard this one?
Sure you have, but have you truly felt the sax appeal? This imperial Berliner Weisse style ale is a weapon of mass seduction. Wooing your thirst for something refreshingly tart, but unexpectedly big. With the help of our saxual friends at the Aviary and Rhine Hall, we aged this sensual liquid in apple brandy barrels for a little extra sax appeal. Rub it the right way and the jazz will come out.

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