Thursday, June 21, 2018

Crane Brewing is back!

Crane Brewing Small Ball Saison...$5.49 / 375ml
(5.2% ABV)
Playing good defense and smart base running are some of the little things it takes to win a championship. Hand-crafting this beer is a lot like playing small ball. This session saison is sure to make baseball season even more enjoyable.

Crane Brewing Guava Weiss...$5.49 / 375ml
We are bringing all the tropical vibes with this latest version of our take on a German Berliner Weiss.  The notes of stone fruit and pineapple along with lemony acidity are the perfect complement to the lush sweetness of guava.  Wonderful effervescence rounds out this beer for a refreshingly delicious experience.  

Crane Brewing Grapefruit Gose...$5.49 / 375ml
Possibly the most rustic and obscure beer of Germany, the salty, sour gose of Leipzig needed an American touch. How about grapefruit zest? The result is probably the only beer that goes just as well by the pool as it does with Thanksgiving dinner.
Malt: Pilsner and Wheat
Hops: Magnum
Yeast: Three Strain of Lactobacillus and Saison Yeast

Crane Brewing Tea Weiss....$5.49 / 375ml
4.1% ABV
A distinctly American take on an old-world German ale, Tea Weiss combines Kansas City’s own Hugo Berry Rooibos Tea with a spritzy, sour wheat beer to exceedingly refreshing effect.

Crane Brewing Gooseberry Gose...$9.99 / 750ml
English folklore speaks of a fairy, the Gooseberry Wife, who takes the shape of a hairy caterpillar and guards the tart fruit from the greedy hands of children. Not even a creepy caterpillar could keep us from adding this deliciously sour berry to our deliciously tart and salty gose. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t keep an eye out for her when picking up your bottle.

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